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Mission, Vision & Strategy 2021

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Main objective

The main objective for establishment of the African Genetic Biocontrol Consortium is to provide a platform for interaction among African experts and institutions to enhance opportunities for technical capacity strengthening, knowledge exchange and deliberation about the challenges and opportunities of genetic biocontrol technologies for the public good, which will strengthen African influence on their development and provide critical input for decision-making by product developers, policy makers, and other stakeholders.

Mission & Vision


The Mission of the African Genetic Biocontrol Consortium aims to expand African self-determination of the course of research, development, and use of Genetic Biocontrol approaches for animal, public health and for conservation of the environment in Africa.


The Vision of the Consortium is to build an informed local leadership to support the requirements for development, decision-making and on the utility of genetic biocontrol technologies for animal, public health, and conservation in Africa.

Our Strategy 2021-2023

An inaugural “Strategy for Collaboration Towards Expanding the Development and Use of Genetic Biocontrol Approaches in Africa” that provides a framework for implementation and coordination of the Consortium has been developed. Through this Strategy the Consortium will strive to implement its mission and strategic goals.

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