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The African Genetic BioControl Consortium

Genbioconsortium Membership


The Member Organizations of the Consortium are non-governmental organizations or similar organizations encompassing disciplines such as biomedical research, biotechnology, entomology, vector control, public health, animal sciences, biosafety, ecology, environmental sciences, social sciences, and public engagement who are interested in genetic biocontrol technologies.

The Consortium is a collaboration based on the voluntary participation of its member Organizations. The Consortium is not incorporated or constituted as an Organization in itself.

Participation in the Consortium is voluntary (it does not require the payment of a membership fee) but all participants in the Consortium commit to continually work together to pursue the objectives of the Consortium and support the Consortium’s values and objectives.

To be eligible to join the Consortium as a member, an organization must have:

Alignment with the mission, vision, and objectives of the Consortium

Not-for-profit and non-governmental organization status

A presence in Africa

Organizations may be invited to join the Consortium only by the Secretariat on agreement by the Steering Committee.

An organization will only become a member of the Consortium after adoption and signing of the Charter.

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