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Dr. Fayiz Abakar

Member representing AfBSA

Dr. Fayiz Abakar, BSc, MSc, PhD

About Dr. Fayiz Abakar

Mahamat Fayiz Abakar, is a Senior scientist, assistant professor (Chargé de recherche, CAMES), Head of virology and molecular biology units, Biosafety, and biosecurity officer at Institut de Recherche en Elevage pour le Développement (IRED), in N’Djamena, Chad.

Dr. Abakar is an epidemiologist and public health specialist (MSc and PhD) trained at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), University of Basel, (Switzerland). His doctoral dissertation (PhD) focused on the development of an integrated human and animal health surveillance system in a “One Health” context. He is currently implementing this innovative health surveillance-response approach on a small-scale in several rural health districts in Chad within Surveillance-response to zoonotic diseases training programme at Afrique One ASPIRE research programme ( In addition to that, Dr. Abakar has gained over a decade of experience working at IRED on zoonotic diseases, including rabies, rift valley fever, brucellosis, and avian influenza, among others.

A Biosafety and Biosecurity expert recognized in the Africa region and beyond. He is currently a member of the Scientific council and the National health coordination in charge of management and control of COVID19 pandemic in Chad.

He has more than a dozen of publications in peer-reviewed international journals in addition to participation in several national and international scientific events.

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