From the Lab to the Field: Long-Distance Transport of Sterile Aedes Mosquitoes


Pilot programs of the sterile insect technique (SIT) against Aedes aegypti may rely on importing significant and consistent numbers of high-quality sterile males from a distant mass rearing factory. As such, long-distance mass transport of sterile males may contribute to meet this requirement if their survival and quality are not compromised. This study therefore aimed to develop and assess a novel method for long-distance shipments of sterile male mosquitoes from the laboratory to the field.

Maïga, H., Bakhoum, M. T., Mamai, W., Diouf, G., Bimbilé Somda, N. S., Wallner, T., … & Bouyer, J. (2023). From the lab to the field: Long-distance transport of sterile Aedes mosquitoes. Insects14(2), 207.