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About Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC – Africa) Forum

The Forum was officially launched after the discussions held during the IBC workshop in March 2023 due to a general need to understand aspects related to genetic biocontrol and other emerging technologies that are coming up for adoption across the globe. The creation of the forum clarified the need to have a regulatory mechanism in place even at institutional levels to ensure technology is utilised within predefined limits. As such, scientists expressed a commitment to work towards continuous engagement, partnership and common approaches that provide better understanding on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), their regulation and on emerging biotechnologies which include gene drives for vector control, editing and synthetic biology techniques.


Empowering Institutional Biosafety Committees (IBC) across Africa to become centres of excellence in biosafety, promoting innovation, collaboration, and transparency, ultimately ensuring the responsible and sustainable use of genetic biocontrol technologies for the benefit of society and the environment.

Mission Statement

To foster a collaborative environment for the safe development of genetically modified organisms, including products through genetic biocontrol and emerging technologies, by enhancing capacity, promoting compliance tools, facilitating benchmarking visits, encouraging information sharing, and advocating for increased funding at national and regional levels.


The main objective of IBC – Africa Forum is to provide a platform for interaction and knowledge exchange towards ensuring safe use during development of genetically modified organisms including products development through genetic biocontrol and other emerging technologies.

IBC – Africa Forum Committee Members

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