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Willy Kibet

Scientific and Technical Coordinator


About Willy Kibet

Willy Kibet supports the African Genetic Biocontrol Consortium as a Technical Coordinator. He is the primary administrative liaison between the Consortium and stakeholders (member organizations, scientists, and others) and manages progress reports on all technical activities. He organizes on behalf of the Secretariat teleconferences, meetings and workshops and draft teleconference/meeting summaries/reports. He also supports training and capacity strengthening efforts: work in liaison with trainers assisting in planning for training activities (scheduling and invitations) on behalf of the Secretariat.

He holds a Master’s degree in Biotechnology, a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Kenyatta University, and he is a member of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN). His previous research focus was on the use of modern tools of biotechnology with the goal of alleviating biotic and abiotic challenges, which is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Kibet has been actively involved in a number of local and world conferences that advocate for the use of biotechnologies, which have made him well versed in organization and coordination of outreach activities. During the Convention on Biological Diversity Conference, (COP 14/CP-MOP 9/NP-MOP 3), he was involved in organizing and attending side events for Outreach Network for Gene Drive Research and Island Conservation that advocates for the use of gene drives. In addition, he was involved in monitoring social media communication of topics that touch on modern biotechnologies.

Locally, he is an associate of the Open Forum for Agricultural Biotechnology – Kenya Chapter (OFAB), a program under ISAAA Africenter, which sensitizes stakeholders on agricultural biotechnology. Recently, he has been ardent about new biotechnologies such as gene drive, genetic editing, and synthetic biology, especially the potential they hold in providing real world solutions.

He is passionate about science communication and dissemination of scientific knowledge to all stakeholders, especially at a community level. Kibet enjoys nature, exploring new destinations, and cultures.

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